Case Study: Breg Flex Microsite

The Problem: Create a Microsite to Convert Potential Customers

Breg recently launched their innovative patient/doctor remote therapy app. The app is a major departure from their core orthopedics business so we decided to create a microsite to capture leads from potential customers that may not be familiar with Breg.

The goals are to capture leads and to build excitement surrounding the app. Typical target markets are hospital groups and large physical therapy organizations. The main pain point with these groups is that so many patients don’t follow the prescribed physical therapy that is so important to their recovery.

Focusing on the Pain Data Points

We decided the best approach would be to feature, front and center, the potential numbers that had been proven out by actual beta trials. Below these numbers, a prominent call-to-action button pushed users to a lead form to capture interested customers.

If the user needed further information to understand the technology, a quick whiteboard video further explained the concept (below).

User Testimonials

User testimonials were used to legitimize and drive customers to request more information.

Driving the Point Home

I created customized icons to provide the user with additional data points.

The Result

The microsite is continuing to gather strong leads. Additionally, the Breg Flex microsite is an extremely effective way for sales reps to educate their customers about this groundbreaking technology.

View the Microsite Live