Case Study: Breg Flex Patient Protocol Builder

Fleshing Out the Concept

The Flex Health Care Provider (HCP) app needed to give doctors and physical therapists the ability to create protocols for their patients to follow for their rehab. HCPs needed to assign different exercises, depending on their patients’ injuries and procedures they were rehabbing.

The HCP needed to assign an injury, diagnosis and initial protocol when beginning their assignment. They also needed a shopping cart to store video exercises that they would assign to the protocol so they can save that protocol for future use.

Initial Prototype

I created an initial prototype in Balsamiq to get the program flow correct, then in Axure so that we could show it to company executives in a more finished state. To me, Balsamiq is the best way to build a prototype because it will quickly indicate where the interface has flaws and I can fix any issues before we waste any time in the building process.

Agile Iterative Development

After creating a working prototype in Axure, I worked closely with our iOS developer to build out the interface showing list and thumbnail views of assignable exercises. We iterated through a few variations before we had our working app.

Simplifying the User Experience

Initially, we whiteboarded a concept for setup of range of motion assignment for patients’ protocols. This approach was a good idea and had the cool factor but we decided to use a less complicated and familiar approach so that HCPs would be able to figure it out right away (below):

The Result

Breg Flex has launched and the reaction from Health Care Providers has been extremely positive. I’m proud that I had the chance to work on such groundbreaking technology.