Breg Sales Lead App

The Problem

Breg’s internal and external sales teams needed a quick and simple way to search for hospitals that are under specific Government Purchasing Organization (GPO) orthopedic contracts and whether Breg had a relationship to those GPOs. Before we created the GPO lookup app, sales reps were forced to download separate, massive (over 100MB) Excel spreadsheets to discover whether they could approach these hospitals to make a sales pitch. This complicated process discouraged Breg’s sales representatives from pursuing leads and many opportunities were never discovered.

The old way for sales reps to get leads – massive, Excel spreadsheets downloaded onto a phone – YIKES!

The Challenge

We needed to create an app that would give our Sales reps the ability to quickly and definitively find sales opportunities with hundreds of hospitals and clinics across the country that have a relationship with GPOs that Breg could pursue and consequently increase Breg’s sales significantly.

Flow Diagram

Based upon research and the GPO data, I created prototypes that were distributed to the beta testing group that I organized. I revised the prototypes until we had the correct workflow.

The development team in India rapidly built the beta app using their proprietary CloudIO software. Because of the flexibility of the software, we could make changes rapidly and distribute the app to our beta testers and make quick changes based on our testers’ feedback.

The Sales Lead app launched as part of the “Inner Circle” suite and has been a huge help to the sales reps in the field. Sales calls are more spontaneous and reps are better prepared to capitalize on opportunities.