Case Study: Thermo Fisher Immersive Guided Search

An Entirely New Search Experience

I was tasked with creating an entirely new search experience for Thermo Fisher’s main corporate website. is a behemoth of a website with over 100k pages, e-commerce, marketing and research.

Users needed a way to search using a visual typeahead. I worked with the Director of UX to create an experience that targeted two distinct user types: Authenticated users and users that are not authenticated.

Empathy Map

I created an empathy map to isolate the pain points that Thermo Fisher users encounter. I used interviews with our users and existing personas to bullet point their experiences with improvements that are needed. I also created user journeys for current experience and with improvements for scientists and purchasing departments seeking the popular reagent Lipofectamine.

User Journey

We worked it out using our giant whiteboard until we had a better understanding of the different user types and their optimal experience.

Visual Typeahead

I used a completely visual approach that started with the search box typeahead. As the user types the user could easily work their way down from product and research categories. With this approach, users would be able to quickly filter down to their desired destination.

SERP with Intermediary Categories