VIRA Sketch Design System

VIRA Design System

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I took over as UX Designer at Millennium Health after the original design was created by an outside firm. We launched with the original design but there were many problems with the implementation. Underneath the original design, we were using Angular Material but not utilizing the benefits of using Material. I decided that we needed to shift the everything over …

Client Dashboard

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The Client Dashboard puts everything in one place for lab customers, including video tutorials, practice data, patients and orders that were recently submitted. The great thing about Angular Material is that responsiveness is built in. Building complex pages for just about any device is rather simple so designing for responsiveness is simple as well.

Insurance Card Swapper

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Users may swap out primary and secondary insurance coverage (using Material cards), or edit insurance information within this same screen. The workflow is divided into logical steps using the Material Stepper wizard-like design pattern.

Breg Flex Patient Score

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As patients complete their exercises using the sensor, the amount of reps, sets and range of motion are combined to give the patient their score. The score is used to incentivize the patient to complete their rehab, usually after surgery.

Path to Recovery Timeline

Breg Flex Proof of Concept Timeline

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Created for Board of Directors for approval of the Flex project. The idea is to show patients a simple timeline for their path to recovery. At this point, we weren’t sure if it would be an iOS app or web app. This was created to generate enthusiasm around the project.